Aug 3, 2011

Rav Amnon Yitzchak: Singers Are At Fault For Murder Of Baba Elazar

Everybody sees things from their own angle, from their own perspective. While nobody really knows the reasons why things happen, specifically why God allows things [that we see as bad] to happen, we each offer reasons that speak to us. Somebody focused on tzniyus will blame all bad events, tragedies, on lack of tzniyus. Somebody focused on achdut, will blame sinat chinam. Another will be focused on something else, and each subsequent person will see a different cause and effect. And some will just say Baba Elazar died because someone stabbed him to death.

Rav Amnon Yitzchak has been a leader in the Israeli baal teshuva movement. He is a fiery speaker, and he has a way to successfully connect with a certain crowd. Rav Amnon Yitzchak has more recently waged a war against the frum singers. It started off as a war against the singers who perform at "mixed" concerts, and eventually became a war against all singers.

Rav Amnon Yitzchak has weighed in on the tragic murder of Baba Elazar Abuchatzeira, looking at it from his perspective. He said:
For 9 months I have been screaming and fighting against the singers who are causing Israel to sin flippantly ignoring the Torah and the gedolei ha'dor and they sing songs that are assur and they perform to mixed audiences...  Immediately after Tisha B'Av all these invalid singers immediately have scheduled mixed concerts, and hassidim, dati, haredi all go to them against the psak of all the gedolei yisrael. Hashem hates filth, and all they do is filth....It says the departure of the tzaddikim is more difficult than the destruction of the beis hamikdash. There was a decree of destruction, after the beis hamikdash was destroyed the shechina was gone, millions were killed, the beis hamikdash was burned and the chachomim decreed to not listen to music with instruments until the ultimate redemption would come, except for in a seudat mitzva. It says in Shulchan Aruch that except for in seudat mitzva and during holidays listening to music is assur all year long. So, if the destruction of the beis hamikdash isn't difficult for us, so much so that we sing songs of the goyim and their tunes, and every day of the year has become like a holiday, so if the destruction of the beis hamikdash is not too difficult for us, so now we have been hit harder - the death of tzaddikim is worse than the destruction. Maybe this will wake us up.But it seems it is not too difficult for us. Concerts are already scheduled for right after Tisha B'av. The radio plays music during the Three Weeks....What was the disgusting murderer's name? Ashe Dahan. The gematriya of his name is 560. In Shulchan Aruch in siman 560 it deals with the decree of the destruction of the beis hamikdash. He killed during the Three Weeks, the gematriya of his name is equivalent to that of שירים - songs, and the siman dealing with the destruction is 560.Baba Elazar's main work was on guarding his eyes against filth.. The death of tzaddikim atones for us only if we aroused and strengthen ourselves in those issues the tzaddik had done.God forbid, we have not fixed anything. The great troubles are still ahead of us. If so many tzaddikim are taken from us at once, and we have reached such lows such as to murder a tzaddik..Because the tzaddik was careful about these things, the great message is we need to strengthen ourselves in these things, in the areas of holiness and tzniyus, and specifically not to listen to music that is not allowed and not acceptable from singers who are psulim and not allowed all year long. even from kosher singers all year round we can't listen to their music, and only during the holidays and at seudat mitzva. There is no clearer message than this.Someone who is lenient on this, if it turns out I am correct with what I am saying, he will be blamed in heaven for the death of the tzaddikim. Remember what I have said, and maybe we will finally have the intelligence to do teshuva  before the tsunami that is coming, as the tsunami in Japan and Haiti is nothing compared to the death of the tzaddik. (source: Kikar)


  1. Amnon Yitzchak is a fool. And a dangerous fool. It is he and many like him that is the [proximate] cause of these kinds of things. He encourages blind obedience and belief in nonsense (that brand of kabbalah for example) that leads people in the direction of insanity.

  2. Rafi,

    why do you allow such lashon hara in the comment section. Quoting "Amnon Yitzchak is a fool." Absolute lashon hara.

  3. Mark - you can dislike his style and not need to call him a fool.

  4. I wouldn't say that Anmon Yitzchak is a fool, but he has clearly gone off the deep end. I used to have respect for him, but once he started on the music bit, I don't trust a word that he says now. People like him cause tears in Heaven and ask why are the Jewish people, or at least the leaders, so confused - making mountains out of moehills, and ants into elephants.

  5. More accurately, I should have said that the things that he says are foolish and harmful.

    Rafi, I don't care about his style, I care about what he says and does.

  6. Actually, "Rav" Amnon Yitzchak is indeed a fool! for the simple reason that he thinks he can sell us this bullshit, and being sure that no one will correct him on the fact that the gematria of the murderer is 561 and not 560! he really wants us to throw our brains away and follow him blindly, just so he can make us hes robots!

  7. Ari - I have seen the name Dahan spelled both with and without the aleph, so it can still work. I dont know which spelling is correct.
    also there are so many sub-gematriyas that any gematriya can always be made to work...

  8. This is just the cherry on top, proves his absolute insanity..

    Don't give me this "rav" business, he aint no Rav, an entertainer at best.
    He doesn't get those huge audiences any more in stadiums etc..
    He totally lost himself (not that he ever was anything amazing), he love the way he all of a sudden became (either to himself or by a few others) a "gadol", are you kidding me? Another reason why in our generation the word Gadol or Gedolim has lost its greatness and respect. Every yukel these days is a "Gadol", sad!

    P.S. If he indeed made any baalei Teshuva, then he does have some big zechuyos..

  9. "And some will just say Baba Elazar died because someone stabbed him to death". This is definitely a message to us to improve, not just a happening. Everything is. But we can't make a general rule for everyone (ie it's the singer's fault)...each person has to think to themselves what improvement is needed on their part.

  10. I have to agree with the detractors, this total and dangerous nonsense. It's gross opportunism to play on people's faith by using a person's death in this way.

    Yes, he died because Dahan stabbed him. To publicly attribute a reason is to claim to be a prophet and we all know the punishment for that.

  11. Sometimes I despair, I really do.

  12. חיים, me too. Me too. :-(

  13. Someone trying to do what Hashem wantsAugust 04, 2011 8:52 AM

    Rafi, I didn't know you allow cursing or defaming people on your blog. Maybe it's time for me to stop looking at your blog !!!

  14. "someone trying" bla bla bla, there come the self righteous frummies.
    Listen Tzadikke'l, if your such a shayfelle then you shouldnt be on the internet altogether, this is life on the internet.., bH there are still people out there who are normal, not extremists. My only regret with writing this comment as well as my previous one, is that its currently the 9 days, and its not the time for this, but this so called "Rav" AY, what he said really just blew it.. and he said it in the 9 days!

    But as a Yid, i still love him ...and you, with all my heart!

    Y'hofchu yomim eylu l'sason ul'simcha ul'moadim tovim BB"A!

  15. If you want to add in the aleph, you can support R' AY by noting that 561 is the gematria of אוהבים את כולם, which is clearly a disease started by those R' Kook types under the guide of "אהבת חינם". Especially during these days, we must be vigilant not to misunderstand the lesson of tisha b'av, but to continue to HATE, HATE, HATE where required.

    Or something like that.

  16. The biggest kitrug at the moment is the child abuse and molestation going on in our communities and even worse the fact that so little is being done, and that its being swept under the carpet. Many leaders are spending more time and effort criticizing those who are trying to help the situation. Even worse many have abused victims again by not believing them and claiming they are making up stories or claiming their own families were guilty of the abuse. Most victims feel more anger against those who dont help than against the perpetrators. The fact that we allow the molesters to operate with impunity, and continue their crimes, is far worse. This is a holocaust which is far greater than listening to music, or the internet or whatever. Its time to use our common sense and everyone needs to fight this problem - we need to be open and transparent and make sure to talk about these problems. Abuse flourishes where there is lack of transparency, accountability and secrecy. Our communities are safe havens for molesters and its time to put an end to this plague


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