Oct 4, 2011

Pashkevil Against The Reform (Rav Shteinman)

The following pashkevil has been published against Rav Shteinman.

The anonymous people behind it are upset at him for a number of issues he has been part of in the past. The new issue to raise the ire of these people is that it seems Rav Shteinman composed an abbreviated text, before Rosh Hashana, for the"hataras nedarim". The first pashkevil brings the abbreviated text written by Rav Shteinman.

The second pashkevil attacks Rav Shteinman as being Reform for making changes to our holy text, in addition to his previous attacks oin Judaism by supporting Nachal Haredi army service, allowing the Maslulim courses for parnassa of avreichim, and allowing avreichim to work in offices. "The great reformer did not stop halfway - but he has now thrown his hand against the accepted text - that has been so for hundreds of years - of hataras nedarim, with no excuse. ".

I found these pashkevils both amusing and sad.

I have no idea why Rav Shteinman wrote an abbreviated text, but I also do not really care.


  1. Hataras Nedarim is Minhag Beit El(and from their Yerushalaim), which then spread out through the rest of Torah Jewry. That being said, in any form, it is only 300yrs old. So I fail to see how someone can be considered reform for making an "abbreviated text". Especially considering that there are various texts in print, and even the mekubalim who follow the RaShaSh don't agree on which one is the "proper" one.

  2. The pashkevil doesn't refer to allowing avreichim to work, but Jewish women.

    You really thought there would be a pashkevil that didn't mention women?

  3. Besides that, among the people who have made changes to the received text of the siddur are both the Gr"a and the Ar"i. Not to mention Rabban Gamliel and his beit din adding a 19th bracha to the 18 he received from Anshei Knesset hagedolah.

  4. interesting history. thanks.

  5. just noticed this now. glad to see someone great noticed the inconsistencies and hasty drafting of the hataras nedarim text we have. this was not written by a gadol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qk3pizzazwz2dw/Marking%20up%20Hataras%20Nedarim.pdf


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