Jul 8, 2012

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

The Jewish Nation survived throughout the cruel history not by the power of weapons, not by the power of helicopters, not by the power of tanks, not be the power of deterrence of the IDF, and not by the power of the State of Israel. Rather, it survived in the merit of the learning of Torah and keeping the mitzvos.
Therefore, we must bring about equality among our brethren and obligate all the secular youth to carry the burden of guarding and defending the birthright of the Jewish nation and each to fulfill his national obligation in learning torah and keeping mitzvos.
And if God forbid there will be draft-dodgers from learning torah, they will have to pay the price for that. And if they are brazen enough to ask why obligate the youth to learn Torah, I will simply answer that if the Koreans can make a law obligating everyone to learn torah then we are definitely obligated to make such a law in order to save our land from destruction, and our nation from destruction, God forbid.

  -- The Admor of Ashlag, Rabbi Simcha Avraham Halevi

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  1. I'm pretty sure that studying Tanach is already a legal requirement in Israel.

    Nobody is shirking that duty as far as I'm aware.

  2. I think he is forgetting the millions of defenseless Jews killed over the last two millenia that no merit of learning Torah ever saved. Where did this idea come from that Torah and active defense are mutually exclusive?

    I think that what he is saying is that it is OK if Jews get killed as long as the Torah persists. Note that he talks of the survival of the "Jewish Nation" and defending their "birthroght", about individual Jewish lives.

    And the myth of Koreans learning Torah...


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