Feb 9, 2014

Haredi protesters dance in water canon (video)

Here're a few videos from the hafganot last week of part of the Haredi community against the Supreme Court decision...

and here is the best one I have seen.. it actually looks like fun, in addition to having been a smart move..

there was some violence in some places, but if they can move along the lines of this video, where they dance instead of torch cars and throw stones and fight with the police, they may go a long way. The police usually do not know what to do with peaceful protest. They are trained to subdue violence. This frustrates the police, they use violent methods to subdue the protest and come out looking bad. The protesters would be smart to instruct their people to just dance and not fight.

and here's a unique scene - the police detain someone, toss him in the paddywagon, while someone opens the door on the other side. The guy jumps right out and runs off disappearing into the crowd..

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