Jul 16, 2014

Splitting Bet Shemesh, splitting Califonia

you think trying to get the government to split Bet Shemesh into 2 cities is crazy and unrealistic?

what about splitting the State of California into 6 states? that's right. there is someone out there lobbying to get the US government to split California into 6 states, saying it would provide for its residents better like that, be more representative, and more accountable He says "California needs a reboot"..

Billionaire in push to carve up California into six states

so, will the US flag go from bearing 50 stars to 55 stars? things looking unrealistic doesn't seem to stop people from promoting their ideas... and if one or the other works, they can consult for the other initiative...

and if it works, we can arrange a new twinning - Twin Cities between Bet Shemesh and Califrnia. Or maybe we should call it septupliting.

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  1. An obviously desperate ploy to get some electoral votes in the Republican column

  2. Having lived the first 27 years of my life in California, I will tell that I recall a "two-state" solution, and a "three-state solution." The main issue I recall was water. Southern California had to start sharing the Colorado River water more fairly with neighboring Arizona. No problem. We'll just have it channeled in from Northern California.

    It never happened because:

    1) No one wanted to give up that much power.
    2) It would never receive Congressional approval.

    6 States? Yeah, right. As if...


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