Sep 11, 2014

Haredim going to war


It seems like the Haredi community (or the parts of it that these pashkevilim are directed at) does leave the beis medrash and go to battle, but only the battles of their choosing. 

the pashkevil is calling on the community to come out today and battle the Zionist Amalek and chase out of the Haredi nieghborhoods all the traitors in Nahal Haredi and Shachar programs...


the pashkevil just says Thursday of Ki Savo, which is today, but it does not say a time, so I guess it is today whatever time is convenient for you.

They should protect their community by learning Torah rather than going out to war...

I hope the police and military authorities are aware of this and will be out protecting innocent civilians and soldiers who might be targeted for violence..

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  1. I think this should be considered treason, and the authors treated appropriately.


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