Jul 19, 2016

if you have a bris coming up on 17 Tammuz consider selling...

We have seen new parents offering for sale the right to name their baby.

I think this might be a little bit stranger. Kikar is reporting on an advertisement in a newspaper (they don't say which) in which a person says he cannot fast on 17 Tammuz and therefore is looking to buy the right to be sandek at a bris. Being that a sandek would not have to fast, he is willing to pay up to $1000 for this right.

Supposedly they called him and he confirmed it, and added that he will only considering buying the sandek rights from a shabbos-observant family. I don't know what is wrong with being sandek at the bris of the baby of a non-shabbos-observant family, as such a sandek still would not fast and it would be the same "segula" and honor, but that is what he wants.

It is definitely a unique way of getting out of a fast, albeit expensive. He probably also figures it is worth spending a lot of money on as being sandek is  considered a segula for attaining wealth. He probably just figures he'll get his money back sooner or later.

Unless this is a 13 year old child fasting for the first time (or avoiding fasting), I wonder if he has done this before or if he has fasted before. And, what does he plan to do on Tisha B'av and Yom Kippur that are even longer fasts and this solution won't really help.

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  1. "a person says he cannot fast on 17 Tammuz "

    If he really "cannot" fast, then he is patur. Seeking out these kind of kuntzim is not the derech of bnai Torah, IMO.

  2. This is ridiculousness times about 1000 (get it?). If he's already Patur, he's Patur. Paying $1000 to be a Sandak isn't going to make him more Patur.

    1. Addendum: and if he's not really Patur, but is just looking for a way out, he's reprehensible and should never be given any Kibud.


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