Feb 25, 2018

Mashgiach Rikudim coming to a wedding near you!

Way back when, back in my misogynistic days of a yeshiv bochur, we used to joke about girls in seminary learn for the "MRS degree" and probably take courses in how to make cholent, cook chicken, do sponja, etc.

That's what us stupid yeshiva bochurs used to joke about. The truth is the women learn a lot in seminary, and in some seminaries they might even be learning more than some of the boys in some yeshivas, and they definitely learn a lot more than the guys in most topics (including halacha, Neviim, Eretz Yisrael, etc) other than gemara!

Anyways, a new course might soon be opening up in the seminaries, but it might just be in the more Israeli seminaries. In case you thought they do not get inculcated enough with lessons and guidelines about tzniyus, a letter-writer thinks the seminaries need to teach the young women how to dance in a tziyusdigge way. This woman thinks that the young women dancing at weddings, friends of the kalla, are dancing with dance moves that are not delicate, not refined.

The writer says that she has recently seen dance moves enter our tzibbur - moves that are not refined and are not appropriate for a bas yisroel.

Another problem she has is that sometimes additional small circles will open up of women dancing with just a few friends further away from the kalla. She says that this shows these women are dancing not to make the kalla happy but to enjoy themselves.

She says the women should learn from the men dancing. Tghe men, she says, all focus their daning on the chosson and the dancing is very organized.

As a solution she makes two recommendations:
1. Teach proper dance in the seminaries and in the high schools
2. have hashgocha on the dancing at weddings
source: Haredim10

This was too funny to not bring here, even if it is just one crackpot suggesting it. Hopefully she won't turn it into a movement and weigh down more on everyone's lives, as if people don't have enough people watching over them already...

1. I want the job of being the mashgiach at these weddings. How does one apply?
2. such hashgocha could come in various forms:
Rabbanut hashgocha on dancing would have the mashgiach only showing up once in a while. The mahsgiach might or might not dance along with the dancers, depending on if the mashgiach works for the Rabbanut but does not trust it himself (herself?) or if the mashgiach also trusts the Rabbanut.
The Eida mashgiach will have the dancing end at 7pm, and of course wont participate. The only thing allowed by the Eida hashgocha will be a shuffle that includes feet never reaching a point of being further than 3cm apart.
The Chabad hechsher will require the dancers to sing "yechi" at least once an hour, and maybe put on tefillin if they can expand to the mens side. The Chabad "hot Chanis" will have the most freedom of all the various groups.
what other hashgochos would you describe?
3. soon people will ask what hashgocha does the dancing at your wedding have before they decide to go or not
4. teaching wedding dance at the seminaries would definitely be a good addition for the seminaries that do offer the MRS degree
5. Why is she looking at the mens side of the dancing to take example from? this seems very not tzanua to me.
6. I don't know how much she looked or did not look, but I have been to plenty of weddings where the yeshiva guys danced pretty wild with modern moves. I am not sure she really wants her girls to take example from the guys
7. as an old fogey by now, the extra circles on the side are often the only way we can participate. Sometimes the yeshiva guys are running in the circles so fast, and so uncoordinated with each group of two or three guys thinking they have the greatest idea to spice it up and doing their own thing and breaking up the circles every couple of minutes. the side circles are often the only way we slower people can participate, and our intention is still to celebrate with the chosson and kalla and their families. And the added dancing, even if not in the circle immediately surrounding the chosson is still adding to the simcha.

האם זהו המקצוע החדש בשוק החתונות החרדי?  משגיחת ריקודים.
במכתב שהתפרסם באחד מכלי התקשורת החרדיים, פונה הכותבת אל מנהלי ומנהלות הסמינרים ומתריעה על מגמה מצערת, לדבריה, לפיה חברותיה של הכלה רוקדות ב'תנועות לא מעודנות'.
לדברי המעוררת, "לאחרונה נכנסים לציבור שלנו תנועות לא מעודנות האמורות לא לאפיין בת ישראל ואני מאמינה שהבנות לא שמות לב לכך".
אז מה היא מציעה? ללמד את הריקודים בסמינרים ובבתי הספר ושתהיה השגחה בחתונות.
היא מוסיפה כי לדעתה מדובר בעניין חשוב "ששוה לשלם עליו למורות על מנת שיגיעו לחתונות לריקודים הראשונים ולריקודים אחרי המנה השניה".

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