Nov 25, 2018

new musicians kollel to open in Bnei Braq

Menachem Toker, a modern Haredi (or whatever you to call his style) radio broadcaster and "presenter", has come up with a new initiative. Toker plans to open a kollel for musicians in Bnei Braq.

This musicians kollel will not be intended to have musicians learning half a day and singing or making their albums the other half of the day, though perhaps that would be welcomed as well. The idea is this would be a kollel of avreichim learning entirely supported by the music industry - each musician, singer, etc participating would help support the kollel. According to Toker's plan, each musician participating would get his own avreich that he will support financially - and he can visit him and come to the kollel and see how things are going. The arrangement will be some sort of "Yissachar Zevulun" arrangement with the goal set at a kollel of 40 avreichim supported by 40 musicians.

Toker went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky to get a bracha for the initiative. According to Behadrei, Rav Chaim Kanievsky loved the idea and commented that this would be as if each musician himself was learning Torah for half the day.

According to the article a few musicians/performers have already signed up.

They were so impressed by the initiative that not only did Toker get a bracha from Rav Chaim, he even got a tour of the house with his kids!

Yissachar Zevulun arrangements have always been a part of the Torah and tzedaka landscape and such an arrangement is blessed and the people involved should all be blessed.

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