Jan 17, 2021

the mixed Coronatel Beis Medrash isnt as nice as it looked

While it seems like the general public reacted very positively, overall, to the video of the Corona Hotel turned into a beis medrash with boys from different yeshivas, and different streams of yeshivas, learning and talking together, some people reacted differently.

The Rabbonim have put out a call, via a signed letter and an article in the Yated Neeman, saying that the Coronatels are a dangerous place for yeshiva bochurim with many stumbling blocks and an atmosphere that is inappropriate for yeshiva bochurim.... they call on yeshiva bochrim not to go to the Coronatels (unless they are there with their family) and each yeshiva should make arrangements for its students with an appropriate place in the yeshiva itself...
sources: Behadrei, Kan

It seems the scariest thing for the yeshiva system is having the boys exposed to other people, even other God fearing and Torah learning people. Talking with others, seeing how others live slightly differently, can be a potential disaster.

The rest of us that liked the video and thought it was nice? That is just "daas baalebatim" and should be ignored. 

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  1. Who said that the letter is specifically addressing the video of them learning together. There can be many things going on in these hotels; TV, movies, secular music, parties, etc that don't conform with the Chareidi lifestyle.

  2. I thought the video of the learning was beautiful. The text signed by the gedolin do not mention the risk of talking to "others". There were reported issues of excessive use of alcohol, exposures to smartphones for those that usually don't use them and TV's in the rooms. I know that anonymous "askonim" said that the Gedolin were upset about the exposure to Dati Leumi, but I see no reason why we should believe this. The letter explicitly says that bochurim can go with their family. Obvious when with their family they would have epxosure and learn with Dati Leumi boys as well. This is a smear and an attempt in the media to cause more friction. Today it is hard to even believe in the authenticity of a signed letter, let alone what supposedly was the motive behind a signed letter from Rav Kanievsky שליט"א


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