Feb 7, 2021

Leiberman or Smotritch

While political polls mean little, I just read one breakdown of polls that made me wonder.

According to the first polls taken after the submission of party lists deadline at the end of last week, it seems the merger between Smotritch and Ben Gvir could hurt UTJ. The polls show them getting in with 5 seats and knocking UTJ down to 6.

I myself assumed that Smotritch- Ben Gvir would hurt UTJ, the question is really by how much.

It made me wonder if perhaps all the parties who run anti-Haredi campaigns, or the voters who vote for that, would possibly do better achieving the weakening of the Haredi parties by voting or encouraging others to vote, for Smotritch-Ben Gvir, as they seem to bring the biggest blow to UTJ - far more than Lieberman or Lapid..

The problem with that is with Smotritch saying he will only recommend Netanyahu for PM, even a smaller UTJ still gets the power (if Bibi achieves 61). Also, those parties are not just running anti-haredi campaigns but also anti-Bibi campaigns and then supporting Smotritch doesn't help.

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  1. PuuuuuuLEASE. Lieberman was in bed with haredi parties for MANY years (and there are pictures of his pilgrimages to haredi admorim), his entire 'problem' with haredim is just that he's jealous of BB, and wants to stop BB and get the KAVOD for himself. Lieberman would write haredim a big check TOMORROW if it served his personal agenda. And with all of his supposed noise about Haredim, he didn't succeed in taking ONE shekel away from them - Lieberman only screwed his secular right-wing constituency, by stopping the annexation of 'secular friendly' portions of Judea/Samaria (i.e. mostly in the Jordan valley). But he didnt care, it's all about Ivette.

    1. Let's not forget that Moshe Lion is thd joint creation of Lieberman and Deri.

    2. all very true yet for 4 elections now (5?) he has gone with the same line and hasnt swerved from it.

  2. Nachum wrote --> Let's not forget that Moshe Lion is the joint creation of Lieberman and Deri
    More ACCURATE description --> In 2018, Leiberman and Deri fell in LOVE with each other and made a BABY together, and the baby's name is Moshe Lion.


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