May 9, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines are like Second Hand Smoke

There are summer camps that brand themselves as survivalist camps. They teach the necessary skills one might need if one were to find himself stuck in nature with no tools or our modern conveniences - things like how to start a fire, how to forge for food, building shelter, identifying poisonous or edible plants, maybe even fighting off a bear in the woods.

There is one camp that is being formed in order to teach a different set of survival skills.

Besides for the Torah learning portion of it, Camp Hikon is designed to teach survival skills in an unsure political world. They describe it is teaching "critical sustainability, self-sufficiency and social skills.". In the FAQ they describe it by saying "political, environmental and economic winds of change are blowing, and today’s youth needs an opportunity to experience a natural lifestyle firsthand so they can be better equipped to meet the significant challenges ahead."

not quite sure what that means, I looked a bit through their website. Under "Motivation" they say that the CDC is "urging food and water storage and contingency plans for natural disasters. Who is paying attention? As religious Jews living in עיקבתא דמשיחא, we have excellent reason to take these warnings seriously. It is clear that the חבלי משיח will soon be upon us. When they arrive, Amos warns us (4:12) we’d better be ready...." and more.

In the FAQ they also respond to a question about keeping campers safe from COVID-19. They say that campers will be provided with an abundance of Vitamn D and prophylaxes. They will not accept, as either campers or counselors, and person who has received the experimental covid-19 vaccinations. Their big concern seems to be emerging reports about side effects being discovered in people who have lived in close proximity with people who were vaccinated.

Besides for the general weirdness, now they are claiming that Covid-19 vaccine side effects are like second hand smoke, and you can pick up these horrible side effects just by being in close proximity?

This can definitely qualify to be called a survival camp - and hopefully everyone there will survive the summer without covid-19 and without second hand side effects

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