Feb 24, 2014

1st annual Bowl-A-Thon has me waiting for the second!

Kol Hakavod to the people who put together the Bowl-A-Thon yesterday for Lemaan Achai. I have not yet heard a final number of how much money was raised for tzedaka, but it was a nice a mount of thousands of shekels.

The event itself was amazing. It was a lot of fun for a good cause.

Thank you to those of you who sponsored me, and as well to those who sponsored other bowlers.

After a light dairy dinner was served, we got down to bowling. A lot of people bowled great games - everyone was so pumped up and having a great time. Prizes were given to the top bowlers of the evening and another prize was raffled off among those who raised the most money.

It was such a great event that I am already looking forward to the 2nd annual bowl-a-thon! Next time I will really have to bring my A-game! The only thing missing was the announcer from the PBA (maybe next year!)..

For those of you who still want to donate: Smart Chesed

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