Dec 12, 2012

Egged Exploits Men Allowing Image-Advertising

Egged, and perhaps SHAS, became victims of their own stupidity.

To remind you, Egged decided to not use the images of women in the advertising placards on their buses, to avoid the damage that would inevitably be caused by the extremists. When the courts called Egged for discrimination, they responded with a decision that they would not allow any advertising with any images of any person, either man or woman. Thus, it would no longer be discrimination. More recently, the State opposed this decision in court, but I have yet to see a decision on the matter or a further response from Egged.

בגלל הדרת נשים: קמפיין ש"ס יורד מהאוטובוסים בירושלים  SHAS began their advertising campaign for the upcoming elections. They began it with a series of posters saying 1. only a strong SHAS will deal with intermarriage, alongside a picture of Avigdor Lieberman, and 2. only a strong SHAS will help the weak, alongside a picture of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sure enough, they ran the campaign on the back of Egged buses. Either Egged was sleeping when they allowed it, despite their stated position to not allow advertising with images of men or women, or they thought everyone else would be and they'd be able to get away with it.

Unfortunately for them, the others were not sleeping. As soon as the buses with the signs hit the streets, members of the Yerushalmim group, those leading the fight against hadarat nashim, appealed to the courts demanding the posters immediately be taken down. The advertising company running Egged's advertising immediately ordered the posters be removed. They claimed it was the mistake of a third-party contractor and the posters were supposed to be imageless.
(source: Srugim)

I would note that I predicted this exact scenario back in August...

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