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Dec 11, 2012

Gangnam Style at Religious Weddings (video)

this song seems very inappropriate for ultra-orthodox integration... for a group that tries as much as possible to stay within the walls of the ghetto, so to speak, they adopt the shmutz of the non-Jewish world fairly quickly...

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  1. Completely agree. This song specifically is not even a clean song. At least the second video has a yiddish overdub?

  2. A now AKA Pella Parody for Chanukah...

    Mordechai Tzion

  3. you all misunderstand. gangham styke is obviously Jewish, we just let the goyim borrow it and take credit. Now we are taking it back. C"V we should "adopt" anything from the goyim - HERETIC! They take everything from us. see, we thought about doing the style, they just made it popular. Plus, the Korean who started it really has a tipa of Jewish blood from a great great great grandmother 22 generations back so you see, it really is Jewish!

  4. I think this is just the culmination of the latest trend of making everything assur. There are no outlets (let alone time) for kids just to be kids and have some fun, so they take it wheneever and wherever they can. I think it's just a bunch of kids wanting to let loose and since they can't do it anywhere else, it manifests itself at dancing at simchas. The hora just doesn't work to left off steam.


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