Dec 3, 2012

Interesting Posts #430

1. What I saw during Pillar of Defense

2. A post on Cross-Currents by Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz about reacting to the Weberman case while Dov Ber asks if it is possible Weberman might be innocent 

3. Digging up Arafat proves there is no rest for the wicked while Shaul claims he killed Arafat

4. There is a major scandal going down in England, and these two posts about it are worth reading: It's Friday and I dont know what to do along with Chaim Halpern

5. Rav Ovadia Praises Ashkenazim

6. The smartest isnt always the best

7. Gangnam or Gam Gam

8. how a blog can impact a life

9. flipping out and flipping in

10. The price of resilience

11. rejecting the extremists in our midst

12. Rav Aharon Kotler vs Yaakov Avinu

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