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Dec 5, 2012

Naftali Bennet vs Tzippi Livni on CNN, Dov Lipman on IBA (video)

two interesting political videos:

the first had CNN talking with both Bennet and Livni about Israeli issues...

and the second has Rabbi Lipman talking on IBA about Yesh Atid's positions...

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  1. Why does Dov Lipman keep referring to himself as "ultra-orthodox"? He went to Johns Hopkins, and has a masters degree; in an article he published this week, he mentioned that his father was a US federal judge. He even has his own website (dedicated to all things Dov Lipman). While he may consider himself "ultra-orthodox" by his own (or maybe even by US) standards, he is worlds away from being able to identify with the haredi population here in Israel.

  2. your claim would be good if he referred to himself as haredi. I dont see the ultra-orthodox description as being a problem, even if it is not completely accurate - after all, how accurate is any such description?

  3. It's because he wears a black velvet yarmulke....duh....

  4. "Ultra-Orthodox" is usually used as the English translation for "hareidi", and that means something specific in Israel. Saying that he's part of that group, thereby implying that his comments/opinions on their lifestyle should carry more weight than those of an "outsider", is ridiculous.


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