Dec 10, 2012

Pizza for dinner, pizza for dessert

Last year's great invention was chumus-flavored ice cream. It must have been tough for food scientists to attempt to top that, but they have!

This year's invention is pizza-flavored ice cream! This invention isn't Israeli though..

I have no idea who would want such a flavor, but bon apetite! I picture a family going out for pizza and then getting pizza-flavored ice cream for dessert...

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  1. I read an article about the Israeli flavour company called Fruitarom which is I think the 6th in the world in the industry and they produce thousands of flavours allowing a food company to make anything taste like anything else. An interesting tidbit was when they served fresh orange juice in Korea and it got bad reviews. Apparently, the Koreans are not used to fresh juice, so they've become accustomed to a certain flavour which to them is 'fresh'. Amazingly, the company sells fresh orange juice flavour to Israeli companies since they need to keep the flavour consistent over the whole year and oranges picked at different times or from different areas do not have the same taste.


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