Dec 3, 2012

School of Prophecy opening tomorrow

I have been thinking about going back to school, and have been looking at my options. I think I found the perfect fit - it's not one of the MBA programs I had considered, nor is it a school of technology. It is a brand new school that is going to be teaching prophecy. The "Beit Sefer L'Nevuah Al Shem Kayin v'Hevel" - "the School of Prophecy named for Kayin and Hevel" - is looking to train the coming generation of prophets.

If you think I am joking, I kid you not. the only thing I am joking about is my considering possible attendance  though I am curious...

Srugim has the story of this new school opening its doors today..

If I was setting up such a school, the natural locations I would first consider for the school would be either Jerusalem or Tzfat, or maybe elsewhere in the Galil.  The school for prophecy is being opened up in the southern side of Tel Aviv, in the Florentine neighborhood, rather than what I would have considered the natural place for this. Actually, thinking about it, opening it up in Tel Aviv makes some sort of sense because in Tel Aviv pretty much anything goes, whereas in Jerusalem something like this might be chased out of town.    Tzfat still seems like a good spot to me, but maybe they have to go where the people are...

Shmuel Portman Hapartzi (I wonder if he is related to Natalie Portman) is the founder of the school and considers himself a chassid of Chabad. He says he is convinced the time of redemption is here and therefore prophecy has returned.

His goal in opening this school, he says, is to give, to the young generation of prophets, the sources by which they will be able to direct their spiritual experiences to the straight and true path.

The school will be teaching a syllabus that includes the following topics:

  • "wisdom of the face", a topic that includes form of limbs, signs of walking and voice, and others
  • wisdom of dreams
  • intro to ruach hakodesh and prophecy 
  • intro to wisdom of angels
  • all prophets will graduate with this certificate
Each class will be an hour long, and after 10 sessions graduates will receive a diploma. The cost of registration is only 200 NIS, and the first session starts tomorrow (so go get yourself signed up right away!). 

Portman-Hapartzi says he has ten students already registered for the basic level of the course, and the good students will advance and get to ruach hakodesh and become prophets.

He also says he will be teaching how to differentiate between real and fake prophecy.

Some further research, i.e. a search on Google, revealed only a little bit more information:

The radio hosts on 103 FM in Tel Aviv interviewed the founder. You can hear the interview here, though it does not add much outside of the realm of entertainment:

Our tradition tells us that prophecy was stopped and is only in the realm of the fools now....

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  1. How to differentiate between real and fake prophecy: If the prophet has a diploma from this place, there's a good chance it's a fake prophecy.

  2. What in the world does חכמת הפרצוף have to do with being a prophet? Prophets (I mean the real ones) receive messages from G-d Himself - they don't need any tricks.

  3. if I answered the question with anything other then 'I don't know' I would I be lieing or making it up.

    that being said, perhaps it is to attain a certain level of spiritual or mystical level

    1. And of course the guys running this scam are experts in the spiritual level of nevi'im....

  4. I don't know where to begin with this, but just to focus on one thing: why name a school after a murderer and his victim? This is like naming a school "The John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln School for the Arts".


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