Feb 5, 2013

Interesting Posts #453

1. Looks Jewish

2. is the amud for everybody?

3. football from the Holy Land

4. where are the jewish players in Arab soccer?

5. corpses all the way down

6. 90% chance I won't rush anywhere again

7. Haredi parties trying to influence Jewish Home party

8. Peace through Rav Kook's broadminded Judaism

9. Tehillim literally prevents stabbing

10. when did "settlers" become a negative appellation?

11. Peeps of the Day

12. funny, she doesnt look Druish

13. the populist Rabbi

14. Ed Koch and the unanswered question

15. 3 reasons why IDF soldiers make good football players

16. Is David Schottenstein's kohanic blessing to Raven's QB Joe Flacco responsible for the Superbowl victory?

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