Feb 5, 2013

Pelephone's lousy response to network outage

According to Globes , Pelephone has announced a compensation package to make up for an outage of their mobile phone network the other day that lasted for a few hours. They announced that they will offer affected customers a choice of 60 minutes of free calls within Israel, 60 minutes of free calls abroad, and 500mb of free internet surfing.

I don't know how they came up with these choices - 60 minutes of free calls within Israel does not have the same value as 60 minutes of free calls abroad. The choices should have been 3 options of more or less equal, or similar, value.

But really the entire compensation offer is completely worthless for most people anyway. Many or most customers anyway are subscribed through packages that offer unlimited phone calls or have such high limits that never get reached anyway. Same with Internet usage - most have plans that offer unlimited Internet usage, or the limit is high enough that 500mb wont really be a useful addition. This is not going to help most customers, will not satisy them, and therefore is a lousy response on their part. 

They should have offered something like a 100 NIS credit on the next bill (or whatever amount would be considered reasonable)..

This is a good example of being disconnected from reality, a company not understanding their customers and their needs, and they are going to suffer because of it. The days of lousy customer service are long gone. Customers want more and better nowadays.

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1 comment:

  1. Just to let you know - from what I understand, someone correct me if I'm wrong, most people on the old networks have in fact, not moved to the all inclusive packages. Pelephone has this information and that is why this compensation is actually quite reasonable. To all the other people who might have signed on for everything included for 125NIS, offering them 25NIS off their next bill sounds really lame.

    As for lousy customer service, the days of good service are actually gone. The profits were so high that they had pretty good customer service. I loved Orange customer service because they were able to solve every problem I through at them for over ten years but now that I moved to Golan, I know that they do not have the same to offer.

    The interesting think about the blackout was that Pelephone closed down their Facebook page during the outage instead of exploiting it to calm and update the customers. That was a massive FAIL.


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