Feb 3, 2013

Picture of the Day

Yes, that is Tzippi Livni on Friday buying challot for Shabbos from the Vizhnitz bakery in Bnei Braq... it looks like perhaps the dirtiest bakery in the country, but they make awesome challa

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  1. Hmm... They seem to be receiving her well, regardless of who she is, or her wearing of pants, no?

    Also important to note, Shabbos has some importance to Tzippy Livni, as well as knowing where to find good Hallos.


  2. Look, the woman might not be kosher but her money sure is.

  3. oy, what people will do to form a coalition.

  4. Six months since Metlife -The siyum hashas

  5. I don't think they make whole wheat. I once asked and they said all the challahs are from the same dough. FWIW, they aren't challah - they are awesome cake:-)

    I once asked (2) if they were hamotzi for Sepharadim and they told me yes because they are only half-sweet. What does that mean? Any Sepharadim here know if they are fine?

    I can't stand the battle on Friday mornings, so I had started to come Thursday night. Then I discovered Salfek nearby which also sells tasty regular challot for half the price.

  6. is it Yedidia Meir in the background? we are going to read about it in his b'sheva column...


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