Feb 4, 2013

Picture of the Day

Ed Koch's tombstone, prepared right away, immortalized with the very emotional words uttered by Daniel Pearl upon his execution, along with the Shema. Jews come in all shapes and sizes, all flavors and types, and Jewish pride is not limited to any one type over any other type.

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  1. It's very nice, but I can't imagine what that tombstone will mean to people 50 or 100 years from now.

  2. Actually, despite what was 'revealed' in Haaretz, I found out that he had it prepared over a year ago. see here at the end of the page: http://forgotten-ny.com/2012/02/trinity-cemetery-uptown/

  3. When my dad knew Ed Koch in the 50s, they were both thirtyish bachelors and involved in a Jewish social group; my dad's branch was the Brooklyn Jewish Center and Ed Koch's branch was the Flatbush Jewish Center. Ed Koch stayed a bachelor, and my dad went on to get married in his late 30s and have, uh, me and my brother.

    So even though I never met Ed Koch, I always thought of him as a friend of the family.

  4. kind of looses its bang, what with him being buried in a christian cemetery.

  5. did you read the post on Dov Bear's blog I linked to the other day? it was very interesting about how Koch had wanted this plot, and was going to use it no matter what, but he asked a rabbi how he could do it so that it would be acceptable. the "psak" he received was to have the fence nearby have a sign declaring this the jewish section, the grave itself is gated off and therefore somewhat separated from the rest...


    1. doesn't change that much; attempting to kasher a sheritz usually doesn't work


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