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Apr 22, 2013

Rabbanut updates about Lag b'Omer and kashering of hearts

in the Rabbanut's latest newsletter, there were two items I consider important enough to share with you (all the updates are important, but not all of them are urgent enough to be pointed out here). The two issues are unrelated to each other.

Lag b'Omer:
The official call by the Rabbanut to delay bonfires to Sunday evening was announced in the newsletter. It says that in order to avoid chilul Shabbos, the Rabbanut calls on everyone to delay the bonfires to Sunday afternoon. As well, Lag b'Omer vacation form schools has been increased to two days, upon the request of the Chief Rabbis.
The Rabbanut adds that the merit of the Tanna, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai should protect us and intercede on our behalf so that our prayers should be accepted...

Some packages of hearts put on the market by the Fleish company were mislabeled. The hearts were labeled as having already been kashered, yet they had not actually been kashered.

Even though when opening such a package it should be obvious and easy to see if the hearts had already been kashered or not, the mislabeling is serious as some might not pay attention and might not notice.

The Rabbanut adds that if one would want to kasher the hearts, the way to do so is by cutting open the 4 chambers of the heart to allow the drainage of the blood, with the Rama adding that the tip of each heart must be cut off, and then either salting or roasting them.

The Rabbanut says that the purchased product can/should be returned to the company, so as to avoid the possibility of someone mistakenly using the hearts without proper kashering.

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