Sep 3, 2013

Zionist Stork Spy Detained in Egypt

There is no end to the list of animals recruited by the evil Zionists to spy on and harm Muslims in various countries. At least in the minds of the Muslims.. Whether it is seals, sharks, little birds, or the latest claim that Israel has employed a stork to spy on its behalf.
hardened-criminal stork behind bars!

According to the Daily Mail of Britain, someone in Qena, Egypt, about 450 miles south of Cairo, claimed to find a stork that is a spy for Israel. The stork had been detained until the investigation will be concluded. It seems the stork had some sort of advanced chip on it, but the head of security of Qena said that the chip had been determined to not be carrying any explosives or spy capabilities, but seemed to be a tracking tag.
(source: Ynet)

There has been no word as to whether the innocent bird has been released or executed or if it still in jail..

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