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Nov 25, 2013

Sikrikim extremists break away from Eida and open new hechsher

The ultra-Haredi thugs who call themselves "the sikrikim" have decided to break away from the Eida and have even formed their own kashrut organization.

According to Bechadrei, they have formed an organization called "Adas Yerei'im"  to "compete" with the Eida hechsher.

So far, to date, they have one product in their portfolio. That would be a line of grape juice made by two of their members from Bet Shemesh. The grape juice is so far only being sold privately.

I would note that they are no better or different than any other "fly by night" unauthorized hechsher.

To be sure, a person does not really need a hechsher. According to halacha all you need is trust. If you trust the person, even the proprietor, that his food is kosher, you can eat it. We rely on the "chezkat kashrut" of people. So, if you personally trust the people behind the recently announced Breslav hechsher, you can treat their supervised foods as kosher (even if the Rabbanut says they have no legal right to certify kashrut). And, if you trust these sikrikim, you can treat their supervised foods as kosher. They function, however, as an unauthorized agency with no transparency and no accountability.

I wonder if the next update from the Rabbanut will include a warning about this new hechsher...

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  1. Are you allowed to trust the hechsher of people who are not religious. My rabbis taught me to be religious there are certain norms and halachot that a person must follow and these people or be'heimos don't follow them.

    1. I think who you can trust or decide to trust is a personal decision.. you or I might decide not to trust people like that, while others closer to their worldview might decide the opposite..


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