Jul 9, 2014

Facebook Status of the Day

Gershon Baskin wrote the following intriguing piece..

I would add that if you go to his FB page you will see he has written a number of intriguing posts on the current situation...

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  1. Israel must also present a plan for addressing the real and urgent human needs of the 1.7 million people in Gaza, or else this ongoing war never end.

    Why? Why is it our responsibility?
    They have proved they cannot govern themselves responsibly. The true solution, the only solution, is to wipe out their entire leadership, Hamas and PLO and start over. The Arabs have already divided their area administratively, and we should work with their local leadership.

    We must remember history and stop making the same mistakes over and over. So Rabin and Peres, we remember that you gave them guns, it's time to take them away.

  2. Sorry, but this dude comes across as a complete ego maniac that probably takes a lot more credit than he is due.

  3. He IS an egomaniac, who takes credit for getting Gilad Shalit released, as if that's (a) true and (b) something to be proud of. He's also a certified idiot - just read his columns in the Jerusalem Post over the last several years. But he's not one to be dissuaded by the facts. I've never understood why newspapers print the inanity that he and his twin-separated-at-birth t. friedman keep churning out.

  4. Sounds like a real piece of work.... And yet we (or at least I) learned some interesting information from this, albeit the above commenters already knew about it.

    I hope everyone sees that the "International community" will not even heed his words.


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