Jul 14, 2014

Israel won't shut Gaza electricity, but Hamas will...

According to the news reports last night, a missile shot by Hamas towards Israel ended up hitting a high-power line that provides electricity to gaza. The result of the strike on the evil Zionists was not the darkening of homes in Ashdod and Ashkelon, but shutting the electricity in Gaza.

70,000 Palestinians living in Khan Yunis and Dir Al Balach spent the evening with no electricity.

The electric company said the situation will be repaired when it will be possible from a security perspective. They fully intend to fix it, but there is a great danger to the lives of employees attempting to repair it while under fire. PM Netanyahu and Minister Silvan Shalom instructed them not to put any lives in danger.
source: NRG

I feel bad for the Palestinians sitting in the dark, but I find it ironic that the Israeli government refused to cut off the flow of electricity for humanitarian reasons, despite both the security situation and the billion shekels of debt incurred by the Palestinians for unpaid electricity bills, despite the many calls to do so from both politicians and the general public, yet it happened anyway because of Hamas.

as they say - צדיקים, מלאכתם נעשית על ידי אחרים..

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