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Jul 16, 2014

soldiers provide cover for little boy instead of finding cover for themselves

This picture would have qualified for Picture of the Day, had I not already given that out earlier today...

IDF soldiers are protecting a young 4.5 year old boy who did not make it to a bomb shelter in time and was outside with incoming missiles. They chose to protect the boy instead of finding cover and protecting themselves.

This happened in Rehovot.

When the siren blared, the family was in the car driving. They stopped but the door got stuck and wouldnt open. After a bit of struggling with the door, it finally opened, and the boy ran out to look for cover. The parents, still by the car, then saw that 2 soldiers had stopped to protect their little boy.
source: Mako

this seems to be a real-life depiction of the famous caricature:

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