Jul 14, 2014

The initiative to split Bet Shemesh moves forward this week

Local reports have announced that MK Miri Regev (Likud) will be coming to Bet Shemesh this coming Sunday.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the day Minister Gideon Saar is set to meet with the 9 city councilmen from the Opposition in Bet Shemesh to discuss the issues of dividing Bet Shemesh into two cities.

Regev has expressed her commitment to helping in the struggle to divide the city.

I guess regular work does not take a backseat even when there is a quasi-war going on...

It does seem funny to me to not put this fight on hold for a bit. At a time when the nation needs to stay as united as possible, and for the most part has, it seems like a bad decision to move forward now on an issue that will be very divisive.

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  1. You do know it's a lost cause. People who think they can fight demographics are only fooling themselves. I promise you that even if this does pass, in less than twenty years, their will be a reunion because the Haredim will also be a much larger segment of Beit Shemesh.
    Don't get me wrong, it's a legit news item.

  2. I too think it is a lost cause and a waste fo their energy, but they think they have no other choice and have been backed into a corner. I find it an interesting story to follow, even knowing it will almost definitely go nowhere...

  3. Even though it probably will not (and should not) happen, I think that this movement to split the city should at least show the elected mayor that there are a lot of residents that have much concern that he is not representing them fairly. Even though 51% of the votes makes you mayor, it does not mean that you should make the 49% feel that you are trampling their valid needs and feelings.

  4. People of BS, learn from Bnei Brak and Elad. Bnei Brak was 'the' dati-leumi city and now only the older generation might still be around, and their synagogues 'overrun'. Elad was supposed to be half-half, but the Haredi demographics were much stronger than the dati-leumi. An interesting thing about the heavy influx of Haredim is that it does not hurt property values which will keep rising, just a switch of the types of people who are pushing the demand for housing.

  5. As far as the position of mayor goes, IMHO the best thing for the non-charedim in Bet Shemesh to do the next time around is to NOT field a candidate, and then, assuming there are two charedi candidates (which I think would be likely) to strike a deal with one of them.

    1. I agree, and I dont think any non-haredi will run next time. the numbers just wont support it. unless there are 2 haredi candidates splitting the vote.
      the thing is, I dont believe there will be 2 haredi candidates running. In haredi towns they dont have elections (at least not for mayor - city council depends). they make an agreement on rotations between the parties. they will do that here as well.

    2. Elad had elections. Remember how Deri said in Elad his candidate got cheated out of the win....


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