Mar 20, 2017

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  1. The Haredim are right. The current army leadership is very much involved in indoctrination of progressive values and we only here a sparse amount of reports of soldiers being taken to renovate illegal aliens' apartments, gay clubs, listen to seminars with reform people, forced to serve with women, etc...

  2. Amanda Bradley's response:
    "So this was written by my neighbour. He is a genuine and caring guy who loves all of am yisrael, but i am going to disagree with him here.

    First of all, I do not believe that shouting personal insults against an individual outside his private home is an action that should be defended by a democracy.

    Second of all, I do not support their right to free speech at 8pm on a residential street.

    Third of all, them 'feeling' like their community is actively persecuted may be a valid feeling, but it is not a valid cause for persecuting one individual. They should take their persecution complex to a therapist and not to the streets.

    FOurth, there is no way it is ever ok to call Jews amalek. Period, full stop.

    Fifth, the army/govt DID make a deal with the leaders, the leader's name is Rav Steinman, and this mordechai guy that Saul was chatting with chooses to consider him a traitor.

    Sixth, elazar hakohen never led the army. only pinchas hakohen.

    seventh, very nice that he agreed that problems could be solved if only people talked respectfully. how nice it owuld have been if this mordechai bloke could have found his way to having a respectful conversation BEFORE shouting insults at a fellow jew and reducing children to tears in fright.

    I have never gone into a chareidi neighbourhood to shout pro-army slogans. i have never gone to an individual's private home to shout insults at him. yet this guy and anotehr few dozen of his mates came to MY neighbourhood to upset our children and shout insults at MY neighbour. I have and continue to live in peace along side them, but they do not do the same in return.

    I have never, ever, heard a single DL or anglo-yeshivish or modern orthodox rav ever say anything to even hint that we should hate the chareidim. I have never heard any non-chareidi leader say that we should go and hold a protest in the chareidi neighbourhood outside the home of, say, rav auerbach. I have never heard any non-chariedi leader say that chareidim are reshaim (wicked), or trying to chase after and destroy non-chareidim, or that we should hate chaireidim.

    I am trying really, really hard not to actually hate them because i am trying to set an example to my children not to hate other jews, even when they hate us, even when they insult us and scare us and shout that they wish we would die. I am trying to follow my own son's advice and think of them as just morons who can't help it. "


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