Jan 1, 2018

more Haredi women taking Bagrut exams

The researchers at the Israeli Institute of Democracy have discovered a significant increase in the numbers of Haredi young women sitting for the regular matriculation exams of the State of Israel, also known as the Bagrut,  rather than making do with the "equivalent" Sald exams offered in the Haredi school system.
source: Kikar

Perhaps this is why there has been a recent move to get the Sald exams somewhat recognized for the purpose of continued education in university outside of the Haredi systems.

Whether that is the reason or not, as I have said before, when you try to hold people down too long and limit their opportunities, they will eventually either find ways around you or just ignore you entirely. That's the way it is. People want to do better with themselves, to improve their lives and to give themselves more opportunities. If you don't let them or help them, they'll do it without you.

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