Jan 11, 2018

Noah and the kosher phone

According to a Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet Daily, a Turkish academic is claiming that Noah, of Great Flood fame, had a cellphone and used it to communicate with his son shortly before the flood began.
(disclaimer: I have no idea as to the veracity of the story or the quality of this online publication or news source. But I like the story)

To Quote:
Speaking on state-run channel TRT 1 on Jan. 6, Yavuz Örnek, a lecturer at the Marine Sciences Faculty of Istanbul University, said Noah communicated with his son via cell phone as they were a long way from each other.
“There were huge 300 to 400-meter high waves and his [the Prophet Noah’s] son was many kilometers away. The Quran says Noah spoke with his son. But how did they manage to communicate? Was it a miracle? It could be. But we believe he communicated with his son via cell phone,” Örnek said.
He also claimed that Noah himself built the ship made of steel plates and this ship used nuclear energy.
“I am a scientist, I speak for science” Örnek added.
This reminds me of the joke that after digging deep into the ground archaeologists have determined that the lack of ancient cabling is proof that hundreds and thousands of years ago they already had cellphones and wireless technology.

I wonder if his cellphone worked during the flood or if he had trouble getting reception. Anyways I guess he would have had nobody to call, except the others on his family plan inside the Ark.

If Al Gore only invented the Internet in the 1980s and 1990s (a claim that Snopes says was never actually made), how would the cellphone have helped Noah pass the time in the Ark? Unless maybe they had Intenet back then as well!

Anyways, even if Noah did have a cellphone, surely it would only have been a kosher phone. I can envision Noah as the star of an upcoming marketing campaign...

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  1. A cellphone doesn't need internet.

  2. The proof is:

    Would the Torah have called him an איש צדיק תמים with a non-Kosher phone?


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