Jan 3, 2018

Proposed Law: voice approval for kosher phones

Some of my family members have cellphone plans that were purchased as part of a sale, with a discounted price for a period of time or unique aspects of the plan, such as amount of data, or number of minutes included. When the expiration date on these plans is nearly coming to an end, they have received text messages warning them of the impending end of plan and that the plan will automatically change to a specific plan, unless a different plan is chosen in advance of that . The user gets warned by sms that the phone plan is changing and the user will be paying more.

People with kosher phones have been unable to receive such messages, as their phones do not receive sms messages. That means, phone plan changes have been going into effect, resulting usually in them paying more money, without them being informed in advance.

MK Michael Malkieli (Shas) proposed a law by which cellular operators would have to call the owners of kosher phones and get voice approval for changing the plans and raising the rates.

The vote passed its initial reading in Knesset by a margin of 81-8.
source: Kol Hai News

what happens if the user does not give his or her approval to the change? I guess the cellular operator can say we will cancel your account if you don't pick a new plan. When they inform me, they are not asking permission - just letting me know of the coming change and thus giving me the opportunity to proactively pick the new plan I desire.

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