Jan 11, 2018

Responding to Satmar's crazy Jerusalem claim (video)

Satmar/NK published a video that went viral, in Jewish community terms. The video was a response to Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As they have done before, also to great success, they have Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro as their speaker. He looks like a normal, average, frum Jew, rather than looking like a Satmar chassid, and therefore his promoting such things is surprising, but also is more palatable. He also speaks well and is pleasant to listen to, again, not like the average Satmar spokesperson. They put him up as their front and draw people in.

Can you imagine anything more crazy than a rabbi claiming that Jerusalem wasn't the capital of the Jewish people or how about a rabbi saying that Hebrew was never the spoken language of the Jewish people? Meet Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, spokesman for Natruna (True Torah Jews) one of the most vocal anti-Israel organisation on the internet. Their latest video has been viewed by over a million people. So we decided to respond.

Satmar's original video (or maybe it is Neturei Karta):

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  1. These are the Erev Rav of the 'religious' world. Think there are five different kinds and these are called the Erev Zeir, not sure. They're all thorns in the sides of true Torah and normalcy.

  2. This rabbi spends the majority of his time online, debating and answering questions of young, searching teens about Yiddishkeit and Israel. His agenda is focused and direct and it follow "how he sees" the Satmar idealogy from spending time in the home of the Rebbe as a youngster. He is not well received in most normative Yeshivish circles.

  3. What's so crazy? I am certainly no Satmarer, but I agree that Yerushalayim is not the "capital of the Jewish people".

    Capital of both the contemporary and historical Jewish states? Yes. But of the "Jewish people"? He's correct that Jews as a people have no political capital.

    About Satmar's reactionary relationship with the Hebrew language... well that's a different story.

  4. why isn't it the capital (to JS) of Israel? The Jewish people (whether they know it or not are all Israelis) because the Land of Israel was given by the Almighty to the Bnai Yisrael (Jews) as an eternal inheritance and it was the capital of King David and G-D's Abode on earth from the time of creation. As that is the place of the Akeidat Yitzchak and Foundation Stone of Creation. The Jewish people (in reality) are a people, a nation, a family who stood at Sinai at the Giving of the Torah and all is interconnected and BTW are H's Chosen children.


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