Jan 10, 2018

senseless victims of the conflict

Gershon Baskin writes, in promotion of his new book:
On Monday I sat with a Palestinian lawyer that I know in Ramallah whose brother was killed in Ramallah by Israeli soldiers. His brother tried to kill an Israeli soldier, and did not succeed and was killed instead. He is not a hero, he is not a martyr. He is another senseless victim of this conflict. Last night an Israeli Rabbi was shot and killed by Palestinians. He was the father to six children. Yes, he was a settler, he was also a human being who had the right to live. He too was another senseless victim of this conflict. We all have too much pain and too much suffering.

I have spent my life bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to think and learn together how to end this conflict, how to build partnerships, how to cooperate and how to live in peace. We have failed until now, but we have the ability to learn from our errors. We have the ability to make peace.
Baskin writes about a Palestinian lawyer whose brother was killed by Israeli soldiers while he was trying to kill a soldier. He then writes about a settler who was killed yesterday by Palestinians. He calls them both senseless victims of the conflict.

Baskin does not get the difference between someone who was killed while in the act of killing someone else, and someone else just driving home who was killed? Is he that dense?

No matter how you deal with the conflict, no matter what you think about who was here first or second, who took what from whom, no matter how much you think the Israelis are occupiers, and who suffers more or less from the ongoing conflict, there is a clear and obvious difference between someone who was killed while trying to kill someone else and between someone who was doing nothing to anybody else.

The two should never be equated

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  1. Moral equivalency, intersectionality, all of these things are liberal garbage. Would this idiot compare someone killed in an auto accident with someone being rammed by a terrorist in a car or truck?

  2. Very well said, Rafi!

  3. Violence hasn't gotten the Arabs anywhere, but it's easy to understand why someone would shoot at a person illegally occupying someone else's land. And this guy lived in a settlement that had been razed several times and rebuilt illegally. The government considers it illegal, which means it believes the land to belong to Arabs.

    I firmly believe Israel has a right to exist, but if Settlers are going to flout even Israeli law, they will continue to be victims. There's no Mitzvah to be a martyr.

    1. "It's easy to understand why someone would shoot at a person illegally occupying someone else's land"
      The land is still in dispute. Nice to know you'd shoot someone over a dispute.

    2. https://goo.gl/images/9ojH2Q

  4. what you might or might not do to someone [illegally] occupying your land still does not make it the same as someone actively in the process of trying to kill someone

  5. "Yes, he was a settler..."

    What a disgusting line.


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