Jan 10, 2018

the dog park that is or isn't in Elad

In the city of Elad some "concerned residents" are shocked at the news that the city is installing a dog park.

Here is the pashkevil screaming about this:

first Haredi city to build a dog park, putting fear into the residents, is this considered a city of torah, and all the rest.

To be fair, the city denies the accusation of a dog park being built.

I have no idea what is going on in Elad. I don't know if they are or are not building a dog park. I do not know if many residents of Elad own dogs or not.

My only question is, what is wrong with a dog park? If residents have dogs and need a dog park to take their dogs on walks, what is wrong with building one? Residents afraid of dogs don't need to go to that park. Without that park, and probably with it, dog owners in the city will walk their dogs through the streets of the city and in the general parks.

Residents afraid of dogs will come into far more contact with dogs without a dog park than with one, and the lack of a dog park is not going to prevent the ownership of such pets by residents of the city.

I have no idea whether the claim is true or not, but I do not understand the problem, even if it were true.

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  1. I assume the outcry is due to the fact that if there is money to be spent, spend it on humans, not animals.

    1. If that was the reason, it would be trivial not to scream about Torah and all that other stuff Charedim only think about when someone is violating their sensibilities, and instead put that in the Pashkevil to begin with.

      There's nothing wrong with owning dogs, and one has an obligation to care for ones animals. The Charedim are wrong to oppose a dog park.

  2. A dog park, by definition, is a fenced-in area where dogs can run free. There's nothing to be "scared" of or to be avoided. (In any event, charedi fear of dogs is bizarre- dogs are almost by definition friendly. They jsut sometimes don't know their own strength, hence leashes, dog parks, and the occasional muzzle.)

    It should not go unremarked that Elad was supposed to be a "mixed" city. Guess what happened.


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