Oct 3, 2019

long-standing recalcitrant husband released from jail

what a crazy and tragic, and cruel, story.. I don't even know what he wants from her and why he is holding out for so long... if no other solution could be found, a guy like this should have been 'shiv'ed in prison a long time ago...

Meir Gorodetzky, Israel's longest-serving recalcitrant husband, released from prison

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  1. The issue won't go away until the wives start making it the Rabbis' problem. They have to give birth to Mamzerim, by ignoring their religious marriage.

    1. Women who willingly give birth to mamzerim aren't so much creating a problem for "The Rabbis" as much as they are creating an enormous problem to their own children.

      Sounds like a very cruel thing to do to your own child (prevent him from marrying in the community) just to prove that you don't respect the Rabbis and their 2000 year tradition.

      In this case the Rabbis did everything right, they placed this sleazeball in prison and even confiscated his Tefilin and placed him in solitary confinement in order to encourage him to give a Get. The only reason that he was released is because of pressure form the Center for Women’s Justice who are more interested in undermining the power of the Rabbinate than they are in pressuring get-refusers

    2. I dont get why they accepted him back in his shul as if nothing happened. there is also a picture online of him breaking his fast at a meal in the shul. why dont they reject him?


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