Sep 9, 2020

Deputy Minister Porush as Corona Gabbai when he ignores the rules

The police are now investigating a large hassidishe wedding (the granddaughter of the Seret Vishnitze Rebbe) that just took place the other day in Haifa. They organized it against the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and many were not wearing masks or keeping distance. The police had warned them in advance and insisted the wedding be canceled or the format changed, but the warnings were ignored.

The interesting part of this is that Deputy Minister Meir Porush participated in the wedding as a guest.

A member of the government telling everyone what they cannot do because of Corona participated in an illegal wedding that was breaking the rules of the government's Corona regulations.

Ok, still not so exciting. Even a bit ho hum, if you ask me.

Porush's response today was that he was just there for a very short amount of time to say mazel tov and make an appearance, but he did not participate in any significant way. We have all gone in to weddings, just to say mazel tov. We all plan to be there two or three minutes and then leave. We all know it actually takes a minimum of 15 minutes in the best case scenario. Then talk about a prestigious wedding - the granddaughter of a prominent rebbe, and a deputy minister, with masses of people, and do we really think he was just there for a few minutes?

Still, ho hum.

The interesting part, I think, is that just a few days ago Porush tried to persuade Gamzu to recant his position on closing Uman. He tried to get the government to allow thousands more to travel to Uman for Rosh Hashana, and even offered to go to Uman himself and be the person in charge of making sure all the regulations are adhered to.

Ha ha! Now that is interesting. Here in Israel Deputy Minister Porush is breaking the rules and allowing others to, but he'll go to Uman and make sure they keep the rules there. 

Now that is interesting.

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  1. And this is why more and more Israelis will come to hate Haredim. Because they have a very clear entitlement complex, up to and including murder, if that's what it takes to have their way. Instead of a lockdown, Israel should simply deport the Haredim. I am sure there are some deserted islands in the Med that could use some settlement.

  2. The hospitals should treat blackhat rabbis with only those procedures and medications described in the Talmud.


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