Sep 13, 2020

end of the pandemic might be nigh

Kikar is reporting that by the Vizshnitzer Rebbe's tish on Shabbos, the Rebbe told someone there, when discussing some arrangements for the yomim Noraim, that the tzaddikei hador have the power to stop the plague and that he should pass along the message to the Gerrer Rebbe to do so. And, fi the Gerrer Rebbe should respond that he wants me to take responsibility for this, tell him it is on him because he is older, but "obviously I am willing to help".

I don't know how that stuff works, but if they think they have the power to stop the pandemic, what are they waiting for? Yalla, get to work! 7 months and nearly all the holidays in a year isn't enough? Why are we shlepping this out if they say they have the power to get rid of the plague? What's with all the closures and fines and fighting and craziness? Just do it already!

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  1. There is a life span to viruses, etc.! This thing going on is more than suspicious. There are forces manipulating so they can continue this control and it's going on everywhere, some places more than others. The Jewish state represents Jews and Torah and they want to get rid of it all. Wake up, not hard to see. As long as our people don't do real teshuvah, H' will allow 'them' to continue their plans. Allowing the closing down of the holiest time of the year is 'crazy'. H' yerachem!

    1. A life span? The bubonic plague killed millions seven hundred years ago and is *still* around.

  2. Nachum: You don't understand; there is a 'flu' season, a season where colds are prevelant, etc., etc., but they only last a month or so and go away until the following year, maybe on a lighter scale; that is with everything. This has been going on for a half year steadily and that's proves why it is definitely suspicious. As far as black plague goes, that's due to lack of hygienic reasons and occurs rarely but in different places in the world and so it is with all the diseases that were conquered because they wren't politicized and fooled around with in order to gain control. There is a treatment and cure for this particular virus, but for political reasons, etc., it is not being allowed to be used (the first five days) of getting the virus, taking this hydroxzy cocktail cures it completely.


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