Sep 9, 2020

Proposed Law: distributions points to give out free masks

A group of Members of Knesset from various parties across the spectrum have submitted a law proposal that would have the Israeli government distribute free masks (single use masks) to all citizens.

With CoronaVirus here and lasting for an extended period of time over many months, and the government requiring the citizens to wear masks, the expense of buying masks all the time is becoming a financial burden for many people.

With the government imposing this on the people, they say, the government should set up distribution points to give out free masks to anyone who requests it. Not only will it help ease the burden, but it will encourage people to wear masks, as they will be free - people might be hesitant to buy masks, but if given out freely they would wear them.
source: Maariv

I wonder how many they would give out  at these distribution points. One mask for the person requesting it isnt overly helpful if the purpose is to encourage mask wearing and to ease the financial burden. Could I go to a distribution point and bring home a handful of masks for my entire family? Do I need to go every day or will they give me a pack of 50 masks that will last  a week or two? It is a good idea, sort of, but it needs to be done in a helpful way. 

I am not sure it is as necessary as they claim. The government obligates its citizens in many things that cause financial outlay, and often even significant burden. It requires us to pay taxes - perhaps the government should pay them for us. Business registration fees. Seatbelts for the cars. car registration fees. Car seats for children. and on and on. Just because the government obligates us to do something, does not mean the government must pay for it and give it out for free. But it is a nice idea and would be helpful and even encouraging.

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  1. We have a gemach that provides weekly food baskets for the local community. It is paid for by the City of Haifa. A social worker oversees the program. She is responsible for approving all recipients. Recipients pay 20 NIS each week for their basket. If they cannot afford to pay for their basket, the fee can be waived if approved by the social worker.

    Based on people I have seen collecting money on the street and dumpster diving, I believe there are those who could find obtaining masks to be a significant financial burden. Based on services available and provided, I would expect the social services infrastructure to be aware of a significant number of the people in that position.

    Masks are not that expensive. Any efforts to provide free masks should be aimed at those who really can't afford them.


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