Sep 2, 2020

the crooked nose engagement

Kikar has this unusual story, somewhat of a miracle I guess and somewhat weird. I just feel like posting it here.

A fresh chosson and kalla just got engaged because of his crooked nose.

The story goes, as told by Rav Chaim Kanievsky's grandson who heard it form his mother Rabbanit Koldetzky, who heard it form the bride's mother....

10 years ago they celebrated the bat mitzva of their daughter. Rebbetzin Kanievski gave her a bracha for the bat mtzva blessing her to find a good shidduch. She added that if someone were to suggest a good shidduch, she should accept it even if the boy has a crooked nose - don't pay attention to that at all.

Ten years later, she still is not married. She had received many good shidduch offers, but none of them worked out. She now got engaged to this young man after just 3 dates, despite being considered a "picky girl". Not just did she get engaged to him after 3 dates, but on the first date she  had already decided that he was the right guy and they would get married and told her mother so.

She told the families the following at the pre-engagement meeting.

She got to the date and sees a major problem - his nose is completely messed u. totally crooked. She says she then remembered what Rebbetzin Kanievsky had said to her and she realized that this is her shidduch sent from heaven. She says she told him that she is ready and everything is settled form her perspective. He was shocked and asked - did you not notice my crooked nose? She smiled and said yes, and added that that is precisely the reason she is ready.

this fellow explained that he has his crooked nose because a few years prior he was in an accident and his nose was completely crushed. he went to the best doctors and had plastic surgery, but even after all that it was still crooked and had barely changed. The family were very worried because it would hurt him with his shidduch chances - what girl would want to marry a young man with such a messed up nose? But it turned out that because of his nose he found his bashert.

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1 comment:

  1. Guess, the young girl had to hear that story from the righteous Rebbitzen where it stuck with her (probably because a holy woman said it to her) all for the sake of this young man who had to go through such ordeals because of his accident. Consider both of them as truly righteous and probably are true soulmates!


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