May 11, 2006

How old did you think was old?

According to this, the, possibly, oldest person in the world just celebrated her 128th birthday..

Mazel tov!! What do you say as a blessing to her? Ad Mea V'Esrim? Until 120?


  1. cute line

    a) so, do we assume national records are wrong? How do we reconcile this?

    b)shoot me if I ever live that long and can't speak and sleep all day. (oops, I'm 2/3 there - uh-oh lol)

  2. first of all, I thin there is no problem having an exception to every rule.
    Second of all, i know of no clear source, despite the fact that we all say and think our limits are 120, that we cannot live longer than 120..

  3. i was at a concert and michoel schnitzler told a similar joke. he went to entertain a 120 year old woman on her birthday and he was wondering what to wish her. so he said, have a nice DAY!!


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