May 15, 2006

A lesson from my tile guy

We are retiling the floor of our porch due to some water problems we had...

I get home yesterday from work and go outside to check the progress of the workers. They were just finishing up for the day and getting ready to go. The main guy shows me what he did. As I step outside to look at the work, he warns me to be careful where I step. he says don't step on the edges of the tile, only in the middle. He then goes on to explain, that just like we say Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh L'Zeh (all Jews are gaurantors for each other) it is the same with tiles. If you step on one the wrong way and break it, it will ruin the whole thing, but if you step in the middle, they protect each other. With Jews too - hurt one of us and [it should fell as if] you have hurt us all, but we are all there to protect each other.

Even unfinished tiles on a floor can teach a lesson.


  1. ach its time like these that makes me proud to be a jew (and a sabra ;) )


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