Jun 27, 2006

Swimming lessons

We are sending our kids to swimming lessons again this summer. The place we send to requires every group of kids to have a parental escort in the group. The manager splits the various parents into a rotation and everybody has to go once. One of the side benefits of this is that the escorting parent gets to go swimming, at least for part of the time he is there.

Yesterday it was my turn to go with one of my boys. As well, one of my other boys was there with a different group finishing up when we got there. So I got to see how my kids have progressed in their swimming skills. While they are not yet Olympians, it was amazing to see how they are actually swimming now, whereas last year they would only swimming along the wall holding on. Now they are sitting under the water holding their breath and actually swimming..

Also, we had a lot of fun swimming together. I swam with one of them on my back and the other was showing off his new skills. It was a nice evening.

After my son finished his lesson there was a group of about 8 Chissidishe men about 20 years old (or so) who came in for their lessons. They were just beginners and were even afraid to put their faces under the water. It was interesting to watch for a few minutes. The kids were laughing that they are so big and afraid to go in the water. I told them that it is much harder for them because they were starting much later and older and kol hakavod that they are trying despite the extra effort it would require of them.

The kids have matured a lot from the last time I went with them (last year) and seemed to understand what I was saying. After that they were very impressed with these older guys trying to learn to swim..


  1. I can't wait for my daughter to learn. That is a very nice idea. I am sure it is a thrill to watch them.

  2. it was. They were overjoyed to have the opportunity to show off for me and I enjoyed the nachas of watcching them grow up a little more. Though I am sure if I went too often they would get sick of me and want me to leave..

  3. Thats a good reason rafi.

    you dont want to spend too much time with your kids because then they wont appreciate it as much. you're so lazy...

    im just teasing, i know what you were saying


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