Sep 28, 2006

I hate blogger!

I just lost another post because of a blogger crash during publishing!! Arrrrgghhh (despite International Talk Like a Pirate Day being 2 weeks ago).

I will try to rewrite it.


  1. i've also been having problems for a few days. it doesn't post, takes a number of tries or i have to wait a few hours.

    i now copy what i've written and paste it into a blank document before i hit 'publish' just in case it doesn't work.

    good luck with the rewrite.

  2. I try to s well, but sometimes forget as I forgot this time... and writing it the second time never seems to come out as good as the first time...

  3. I was lucky--it somehow saved my posts despite not publishing.

  4. Sorry that's so annoying I know from experience.

  5. The concept of saving a post locally, before uploading seems to have skipped the thoughts of our mighty 'blogger' creators.

    I hate that you lose your entire post.

    I hate that your lmited to a small number of photos that are uploaded with blogger with great difficulty.

    I hate that your reduced to either really boring 'same factory' pages

    The solution?

    Microsoft Live Writer [in beta]
    which will soon have some really 'excellent plug ins'

    and a photo hosting service such as photobucket, file den, picasso, etc.

    Check it out, you be thankful.
    Drop by and say 'You're so groovy'

    Oh and the best part? It seems so obvious you can write offline, preview offline and then later connect to upload and post.

    [lol on the groovy bit]

  6. I have tried it already. I was not too impressed. It was not easy to link things in posts.. I do not remember what but some other things made it difficult as well.
    I tried using Word 2007 in Beta and that was pretty good for a while, but I found alot of times it had problems connecting to Blogger to Publish and I ended up spending a lot of time trying to publish (though I never lost a post, as it was saved in Word)..


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