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Sep 12, 2006

on the mend

My kid got out of the hospital today.. Yipee!! What a hassle that was with scheduling someone to be with him all the time and someone to be with the other kids..

I had my arthroscopic surgery last night. It was real quick and went pretty well, I guess. I will only know when my leg gets back to normal. What was really cool about it was I got to watch the surgery on the monitor screen and the doctor explained at times what he was doing.

They gave me a spinal anaesthetic which paralyzed the lower half of the body. The shot was pretty wierd. I had to squeeze my knees up and my head down so he could get a good shot in my spine. When he gave me the shot I felt a wave going through my body.. After a few minutes my whole lower half of the body was completely paralyzed. Amazing what a few drops of "water" can do!! Feeling my legs made me think I was feeling a large lump of dead meat, which is what I guess is really all we are (doesn't it say that in pikei avot or somewhere?). The flesh felt flaccid and not like live limbs. It was pretty funky.

I was trying to see if I could have my mind overpower the numbness and make my feet move a bit, but I was unsuccessful. I did not really try too hard because I was worried that if successful I would mess things up with the surgery. I do not know if I could not do it because I did not try hard enough or because I was paralyzed. Probably the latter.

I watched him cut out and suction the torn meniscus and before I knew it it was over. I was in the recovery room and less than 2 hours latter I had full feeling back in my legs and was hobbling out of the hospital on crutches. On the way home we stopped for a shwarma and ate by my in-laws house. Then homeward and off to sleep.


  1. boruch rofei cholim, hope all of you recover well. My time for the surgery is approaching as well, but not as long as I can fight it.....

  2. Refuah Shelaimah. Surgery is never fun...

  3. First & foremost : Refuah Shelema!

    I wondered if you'd be willing to communicate with me directly. I have a close friend who's son (a paratrooper) expects to under go similar (if not exactly the same) surgery. Your experience might be reassuring as they have received mixed advice on the issue!

    Yoel Ben-Avraham
    Shilo, Benyamin

  4. yoel - thank you. I will write to you...

  5. yay!!! hope it worked

  6. What a horrible experience!! I would never wish it upon any of my friends to have to eat at their in-laws house!

  7. Refuah Shelaimah, sounds just like having a baby... the spinal block/epidural part I mean!

    Glad to hear you son is out of hospital too, I hope all is ok.

  8. When i had surgery on my finger the doctor chose to have give me a local anesthetic, and i was excited cause i wanted to see him slicing into my finger and put my bone back together. (I just realized there are so many "back seat doctor" jokes available for that... 'you sure about that doc, maybe you want to cut a little deeper?' 'hey doc while you are there, can you sign my name on my bone? that'd be cool!' 'hey doc - left! left! turn left! no! ahh, we're all gonna die!' and the like...). Anyway, I couldn't see it cause he piled up sheets so i couldn't see. Also apparently it wasn't so comfortable and i remember my arm being very cold. next thing i know, i woke up in the recovery room with 2 pins in my finger. The person with me told me the doc told him i was complaining so they put me to sleep. i dont really remember that... in terms of your "neat" feelings of rubber legs... blech... i hope i never have to feel that, im prefectly happy with feeling my legs, thank you very much. nice to hear you're home... we have a game next week, can you drive?

  9. I hope I will be able to play by then!!! hahahaha

  10. Don't pregnant women get the same shot before they give birth?

  11. frum - could be. don't know. my wife did not want it the first couple of births and the last few she did but they did not have time to give it to her...

    it took them 3 tries to get a good shot in me..

  12. Glad you are both ok hope you heal quickly so you could go back to softball.


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