Dec 2, 2012

Quote of the Day

Olmert's behavior is scandalous and irresponsible. On US soil Olmert chose to praise Abu Mazen and defend him after the hateful and anti-Israel speech he gave in the United Nations, and after he violated the signed agreements with Israel. And at the same time he chose to lash out at Israel and at its leader. Even Olmert's far-reaching offers, those that included even dividing Jerusalem and giving its heart to a foreign ruler - the Palestinians did not agree to because they have no interest in finishing the conflict. 

  -- Minister of Education Gideon Saar, responding to Olmert's comments while visiting the USA about Israel's first response to the Palestinian unilateral move in the UN

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  1. This is treason. When he gets off the plane he should be arrested. I don't believe my ears. A sentenced criminal on one charge, and awaiting sentencing on another, but more than that. A former Prime Minister instead of supporting his own government at this difficult times joins Israel's enemies. Even Yehimovich did not say this.

  2. And Barak just got some honor in the US, seemingly for taking the cease fire and then retiring from politics.

    Seems Israeli officials are being bribed, but this time by foreign countries.


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