Dec 13, 2012

Quote of the Day

I come from the place that is categorized as "Right", and I have not moved to anywhere else. I still hold the values on which I was raised, but the Likud has strayed from the path of Jabotinsky... I am not interested in categorizations. You can say that I am green with purple polka-dots.. Left, Right, it does not matter. Let's talk tachlis. The Likud should take the statue of Jabotinsky and and throw it out. There are those who think that Jabotinsky is "Two banks of the Jordan". The understanding is that we have the rights to the entire land, but everybody within it have equal rights... Jabotinsky spoke about the iron wall between us and the Arab countries to show that we have strength. But they dont read the next line. After we show that we are strong enough - we will go to the negotiating table, and I am doing just that.
I am not going to the negotiating table because I believe in Abu Mazen, but because I believe in Israel. I dont want to marry the Palestinians, I want to divorce them.

  --- Tzippi Livni

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  1. Great, snappy soundbites.
    Totally incoherent on deeper analysis.
    Livni, in a nutshell.

  2. I want to marry the palestinians. They should be welcomed neighbors and stop letting people educate them with a "kill them all" attitude.

    That's why I'd vote Likud.


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