Feb 10, 2013

Can there be a re-vote for some ballot stations?

The following pashkevil has been placed around the neighborhood:

It does not give any more information about what they want or are telling the public. That will surely be coming later. It has been the focus of some speculation.

I am told that it is most likely related to the upcoming Purim collection campaign by one of the local tzedaka organizations. 

The other theory is the one that was written about in the recent edition of the Chadash weekly newspaper. Chadash wrote that there is a group of residents in the neighborhood that have decided they spotted fraud in the election results of some of the local ballot stations. They say that despite being advised against, they are appealing the local results, and are hoping a re-vote will be declared in the neighborhood for the relevant  ballot stations.

The Chadash gave no indication of who the people are that are upset and filing the appeal. The first theory is probably correct, and Chadash is just being involved in driving interest to the signs and eventual campaign. However, if there is something to the second theory, I have a few questions:
  1. really? a re-vote?
  2. assuming it is true, and should their appeal be accepted, would a re-vote be declared? I never heard of such a thing. At most, I would think, the results of the relevant ballot stations would be discounted.
  3. if the appeal were to be accepted and victorious, is this one neighborhood, RBS A, large enough to actually make a difference to the election results?
  4. most importantly, if the appeal is accepted, and if it were to be victorious, would all people involved in the re-vote be granted another "federal" vacation day from work? :-)
Most likely it is part of a fundraising campaign, but I thought the concept was silly enough to point out.

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  1. Its obviously a fundraising campaign.

    Most probably the Kupa or Lema'an Achai.

    Actually if Chadash is promoting it it must be Kupa Shel Tzedaka.

  2. Definitely fundraising campaign. The next poster came out with 2 ayins....Aniyei Ircha.

    The Kupa is so predictable!


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